How can I turn my child’s pay link on or off?

Within your child’s Settings, you can enable or disable your child’s ability to receive money via their pay link.

To turn your child’s pay link off:

  1. From the Parent Dashboard, navigate to your child's dashboard at the top of the screen.
  2. Tap “Edit Profile” on your child’s dashboard.
  3. You will see a toggle labeled “Allow link sharing.” From here, you can choose to toggle the pay link on or off for your child.

Once you turn off your child’s pay link, he or she will not see the option to share their pay link in their app. Anyone who had previously used the pay link will now see an error message if they try to use it after the link has been turned off. 

To turn the pay link back on, return to your child’s profile and tap the toggle to the right.

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