How does cell phone protection work?

Cell phone protection allows you to be reimbursed for the cost to replace or repair your child’s cell phone if it’s damaged, lost or stolen for up to $600 per claim subject to limits of 2 claims per calendar year and an aggregate maximum of $1,000 per card per calendar year. A deductible of $25 applies per claim. The coverage goes into place the 1st of the month unless you joined Greenlight Max after the 1st, then it would not start until the 1st of the following month. For example, if you joined Greenlight Max on January 12th, it would go into effect on February 1st. 

For a cell phone to be registered for coverage, you must: 

  • Add your child to the Greenlight app. 
  • Add a phone number to your child’s profile. 
  • Sign into the Greenlight app from your child’s cell phone using their account. 

If you have a claim, it must be filed no later than 60 days after the date of event triggering  coverage. To file a claim: 

  1. Navigate to your Settings by tapping the gear icon in the top right of your Parent Dashboard
  2. Tap “Greenlight Max Coverage” then select Cell phone & purchase protection
  3. Scroll to the Claim Center section, and select “File a claim” to access the Assurant Claims Center or call (866) 599-1386. You will also see a link to the full guide of benefits at the bottom of the screen.

Unfortunately at this time, this benefit is not available to residents of New York. 


This coverage is provided by Virginia Surety Company, Inc. Coverage is subject to certain terms, conditions and limitations, including limitations on the amount of coverage. Coverage is secondary. For more information, please see the Guide to Protection Benefits within your app.

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