How old do kids need to be to invest through Greenlight?

Since the kids’ investing portfolios are brokerage accounts in their parent’s name and all trade requests are submitted to the broker-dealer by the parent, there is no minimum age for kids to use the Invest feature on Greenlight.  Younger kids may just need a little more help from an adult to get started!

In addition to overseeing and submitting their kids’ trade requests, parents can make trades on behalf of their kids within the Invest Module on their kids’ dashboards.

While older kids may enjoy researching, evaluating, and trading stocks, education for younger kids may just be focused on getting them used to the ups and downs of the stock market.

Kids can request trades within their "Investing for Kids" module, but only the primary parent on the account can access and make trades on their personal "Investing for Parents" portfolio. 

*Please note: All investing accounts set up within the Greenlight app are brokerage accounts in the Primary Accountholder’s name. For more information, click here.

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