What is Conservative vs Moderate vs Aggressive risk profile?

With a conservative portfolio (lower-risk), you can learn more about investing without taking huge risks with your money. For a more conservative portfolio, you’ll want a combination of 20-40% risky investments (like stocks) and 60-80% of safer investments (like bonds).

A moderate portfolio (medium-risk), allows you to experiment with different types of investments while also putting some of your money in safer funds. For a moderate-risk portfolio , you’ll want a combination of 40-60% risky investments (like stocks) and 40-60% of safer investments (like bonds).

 A growth portfolio (higher-risk) allows you to think about the future while trying to get the highest return on your investments. For an aggressive portfolio, you’ll want a combination of 80-100% risky investments (like stocks) and 0-20% of safer investments (like bonds).

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