What information does a parent need to provide to open an Invest account?


To set up Investing for Parents or Investing for Parents Lite, you will be asked to answer a few questions about your investing time horizon as well as your risk tolerance to help Greenlight create an “Invest Profile” for you! Only the Primary Accountholder can set up an Investing for Parents “Invest Profile.” Creating an “Invest Profile” will allow you to access all features within the Invest Module in the Parent Dashboard.

Invest for Kids is a feature exclusively available on the “Greenlight + Invest”, “Greenlight Max”, and "Greenlight Infinity" plans. To set up Investing for Kids, you will need to go to the “Investing” tile on each child’s unique profile and answer two risk tolerance questions for your kids. This will provide your children with their own “Invest Profile” based on their risk tolerance, and enable them to research stocks and ETFs. From there, they can place trade requests (which the parent must always approve!)  Only the Primary Accountholder can set up an Investing for Kids “Invest Profile.”

Note: When setting up any “Invest Profile” for the first time, a Primary Accountholder will be asked a few additional compliance questions and be presented with Terms & Conditions related to Greenlight’s Invest Account Services to accept. 

Once the Terms & Conditions have been accepted and your “Invest Profile”(s) created, you are ready to start investing in stocks and ETFs through Greenlight!

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