What stocks or ETFs are available to buy on Greenlight?

In partnership with our broker-dealer, DriveWealth, we aim to make available as wide an array as possible of individual stocks and ETFs to our families on Greenlight + Invest and Greenlight Max so that they can make purchases based on their personal investment strategies. To mitigate risk to itself and its families, Greenlight offers only securities that meet the following criteria:
  • US-exchange listed stocks and ETFs, however, over-the-counter (OTC) securities are not available
  • Stocks and ETFs with a market capitalization greater than $ 1 billion
  • If the market capitalization is below $1 billion, then the 3 month average daily dollar volume must be greater than $0.5 million
  • Exchange listed sponsored ADRs (American Depositary Receipts)
  • A select few leveraged ETFs

This includes many of the stocks that are listed on US markets, typically the NYSE and NASDAQ. 

If you are curious about a specific stock or ETF, we have made it super easy to search for what you are looking for in the app! Families on all Greenlight plans have access to research available stocks and ETFs.  

  1. Click on the Investing tile within the Child Dashboard
  2. Under the Investment Options section of the Invest dashboard, click on "Company Stocks" or "Exchange Traded Funds"
  3. At the top of each of these pages there is the option to search by typing in the specific stock or ETF name or ticker

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