I did not receive my direct deposit. What's going on?

There are a few main reasons why your child may not have received their direct deposit from their employer:

  1. There is a mismatch in the child/recipient name
  2. The routing or account # is incorrect

1 - There is a mismatch in the child/recipient name

This can happen if the child/recipient name is not the exact name that the employer is using - both names must match. This often happens when the child is using a nickname in the app but provides their real name to the employer. In order to address this you can either:

  1. Provide your child's name as it is in Greenlight to the employer or
  2. Update your child's name on their Greenlight account to match the employer's records

2 - The routing or account # is incorrect

When your child is giving their employer their Greenlight information, they should make sure they use the routing and account number shown in the app, in the direct deposit section. 

Your child should provide these exact numbers to your employer.

Hopefully, this helps identify the issue, but if you still have further questions, we’re happy to help! Please either:

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