What happens if my child needs more money than they have in a Spend Control?

If the total of your purchase is more than the amount your child has in a specific Spend Control, you have three options:

  1. Automatic transfer from Spend Anywhere: Money will be taken from your Spend Anywhere spend control to cover the difference. You will need to enable this setting within your Spend Control by toggling "Pull overages from Spend Anywhere" on.
  2. Your child can request additional money from you within their Greenlight app:
    • Tap on the specified spend control. Tap on "Move $ In."
    • Select amount and tap on "Send Request."
  3. You can move money in from other Spend Controls, Savings, or Giving
    • Tap on the specified spend control. Tap on "Move $ In."
    • Choose or enter the amount.
    • Tap on ‘From Menu’ to select source.
    • Select spend control you would like to move money from. Tap "Move Money."
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