Driving Snapshot Email: What is it? How to do I receive it? Why have I stopped receiving it?

The Weekly Driving Snapshot is an email sent every Monday morning to Parents of teen drivers and teen drivers themselves, summarizing driving habits and safety from the past week as compared to the week prior. The Snapshot gives drivers and their parents a high-level overview of their safety in the car by using data from driving reports*, and fuels discussions about safe driving. The data in the Snapshot populates with data from the previous week from 12:00am UTC Monday to 11:59pm UTC Sunday.

To be eligible to receive the Driving Snapshot, parents must have at least one teen driver with driving reports activated on their app that has taken at least 1 trip as a driver in the previous week. If this is true for you but you still have not received your Driving Snapshot (and you’ve verified it was not sent to your junk mail), you may have unsubscribed from receiving this email. 

To resubscribe and be eligible to receive the Driving Snapshot in future weeks:
1) Visit the Safety section of your app. 

2) Tap the “Settings” gear in the top right corner. 

3) Scroll all the way down to the bottom of your safety settings.

4) Make sure that your  “Email updates” setting is toggled ON.

*Requires mobile data or a WiFi connection, and access to sensory and motion data from cell phone to utilize safety features including family location sharing and driving alerts and reports. Messaging and data rates and other terms may apply

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