How do I send money to my child as a U.S. Bank checking account client?

You can send money to your child from both the U.S. Bank app and the Greenlight app.

In the U.S. Bank Mobile App: 

  • Look for your child’s Greenlight tile on your account dashboard. Select the child's name.
  • On the account information screen, choose “Send money.”
  • Select or enter the amount you’d like to transfer to your child.
  • Choose the U.S. Bank account you want to draw the money from.
  • Tap “Transfer.”

In the Greenlight App:

  • From your Parent Dashboard, tap "Send $" next to the child you'd like to send money.
  • Choose a category where you want the money to go, like Spend Anywhere, General Savings, or Giving. Note that your child can only use their debit card with money added to "Spend Anywhere" or a "Spend Control” category! 
  • Enter the amount you want to send and tap "Move Money." 

That’s all! Enjoy the time-savers.

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