Can I keep my Greenlight account if I close my U.S. Bank checking account?

Yes! You can still have a Greenlight account even if you close your U.S. Bank checking account, but it will no longer be complimentary*.  Call Greenlight's customer support department at 1-888-483-2645 or to get help with this change.


*U.S. Bank customers are eligible to receive the Greenlight Select plan complimentary when an eligible U.S. Bank checking account (excludes Safe Debit and Electronic Transfer accounts) is added as a funding source. You are required to be an authorized transactor on the U.S. Bank account, be at least 18 years of age, and be enrolled in online banking. Your U.S. Bank checking account(s) must be the preferred funding source for your Greenlight account for the entirety of the partnership. If your U.S. Bank checking account(s) cease to be the preferred funding source for your Greenlight account or you add a funding source that is not an eligible U.S. Bank checking account, you may be charged a monthly fee by Greenlight. In-app upgrades will result in additional fees. Subject to Greenlight identity verification. See terms for additional information and Greenlight account eligibility. Offer subject to change.

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