What happens to my child's direct deposit if they change jobs?

No problem - you can add a new direct deposit anytime. To add a new direct deposit, follow the steps below (requires app version 4.36 or higher):

  1. Access the child’s profile
    1. Parents: Tap on the gear icon on the Parent Dashboard to access Parent Settings. Select ‘Family’ to choose a specific child. 
    2. Teens (13+): Tap the profile icon at the top left (next to your name)
  2. Select ‘Direct deposit’
  3. Share the account and routing information with your child’s employer. 
  4. You can delete an old employer using the trash icon next to their name. 

Users on earlier app versions can call us at 888-483-2645 to set up direct deposit.

Please note: all direct deposits must be from the child's employer and in the child's name. We currently do not accept direct deposit from the State or Federal Government (including Social Security payments, federal tax refunds, state tax refunds, child support, etc.) or from Paypal, Venmo, Apple Cash, etc. Kids under 13 will need a parent to access their account number. 

Learn more about direct deposit here


If you still have further questions please either:

Text us at 404-974-3024


Call us at 888-483-2645

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