Can the Greenlight card be used at an ATM?

Yes! Your child can use their Greenlight card at any ATM with a Mastercard, Visa Interlink or Maestro name or logo. The Greenlight card can also be used at any international ATM bearing these logos.

Please keep in mind:

  • For security purposes, your child's first transaction cannot be at an ATM. Once the card is successfully used online or at a sales register, you child can withdraw money from an ATM if there are available funds in their "Any ATM" Spend Control.
  • If you would like your child to be able to withdraw money from their "Spend Anywhere" category at an ATM, you will need to adjust the Settings of your "Any ATM" Spend Control. Learn how to do this here. 
  • Many ATMs prompt you to choose an account from which to withdraw funds; your child will need to choose "Checking" or "General Checking" at the ATM.

How much can I withdraw from an ATM per day and per month?

  • The maximum daily amount that can be withdrawn per card is $100 per rolling 24 hour period, and the monthly maximum amount that can be withdrawn per family is $500 per rolling 30 day period.
  • Most ATMs charge a withdrawal fee - these fees are charged, per withdrawal, by the banks that operate the ATMs. Please keep in mind these maximum amounts do include the fees an individual ATM charges for its service. Greenlight does not charge or collect any money from these fees, and will never charge a fee on top of this.
  • Since most ATMs charge per withdrawal, make sure your child has enough money in their "Any ATM" Spend Control to cover the total withdrawal amount, plus any fees the charge per withdrawal. 
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