What is a chip card? What makes it safer to use?

You may notice that your Greenlight Card has a microchip on the front of the card, which makes it a ‘chip card.’

Chip cards make your Greenlight Card more secure and safer to use by generating dynamic data each time you make a transaction, which makes it difficult for any of your card or account information to be duplicated.

Do I use my Greenlight Card differently if it has a chip?

Many stores have already switched their terminals to accept chip cards. If you are making a purchase at a store that has a chip-enabled terminal, simply insert your card into the designated chip slot, and follow the instructions from there.

If you are making a purchase at a store that does not have a chip-enabled terminal, you can still complete your transaction by simply swiping your Greenlight Card.

Greenlight Card can be used wherever Mastercard is accepted, online and in store.

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