How long does it take to transfer money into my Parent's Wallet?

Debit Cards

If you are transferring funds into Greenlight from your debit card, the funds should appear and be available to use immediately. However, if you transfer funds from a debit card as part of registration, you will need to verify the two dollar amounts that add up to your intended transfer amount before Greenlight can consider the debit card verified and credit funds to your account.


Bank Accounts (ACH)

If you are making an ACH transfer from your bank account into Greenlight, you may be eligible for instant funding, depending on your history with Greenlight. Instant funds are available up to a certain dollar amount (this varies by customer), and will appear in your account/be available for use immediately. 

You may be ineligible for instant funds if you are trying to transfer an amount greater than your instant funds limit but less than Greenlight’s aggregate load limits, or if you have exhausted your instant funds limit entirely. In this case, your ACH transfer will generally be available in your Greenlight account in 3-4 business days.

  • Please note: ACH transfers involve several parties, each of which can delay the transfer.

To mitigate this, Greenlight offers “instant funding” (detailed above) to many of our customers. If you do not see your transfer credited to your Greenlight account after the 4th business day from the date on which you submitted the transfer, Greenlight may have received a return from your financial institution.

Returns can happen for many reasons, but are most often due to insufficient funds (INSF) in your bank account at the time your bank attempted to debit your account. If this occurs, please contact your financial institution to understand if and why your transfer was returned.


Why are transfers from my bank account now taking 3-4 business days?

Previously, transfers that exceeded your instant funds limit would be declined. As of April 2024, Greenlight allows those transfers to process via the normal ACH settlement time (3-4 business days) as long as the intended transfer amount does not exceed one of our load limits.


If your Parent’s Wallet is in a negative balance, you will not be able to make instant transfers to your Greenlight account.
Not to worry — once you add funds to your Parent’s Wallet to get out of a negative balance, you will be able to resume making instant transfers. 


Please note: Greenlight has specific load limits applicable to all customers. 
Learn more about specific load limits here


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