I received my child's card and their name is misspelled, what do I do?

If you received your card and your child's name is spelled incorrectly, you can request that Greenlight send you a complimentary replacement card from within your app.

First, change or edit your child's name in app:

1) Log-in to your Greenlight app
2) Tap on the child’s icon at the top of your screen to go to their dashboard
3) Tap on the green-and-white profile icon on their profile picture
4) Tap on “Profile”
5) Tap on the information you’d like to update ("Name") and update accordingly
6) Tap "Save"

Then,  request a replacement card:

1) Navigate back to your child's dashboard 
2) Tap on "Manage Card"
3) Tap "Replace Card"
4) Tap card is damaged
5) Confirm your selection 
6) Congratulations! The new card is confirmed and will ship in 24-48 business hours after printing.

Please note: any special characters added to your child's name will not be printed on the card.


If you still have further questions please Text us at 404-974-3024

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