How do I change the settings for Spending Categories so that my child can/cannot use budget from Spend Anywhere?

Changing the settings of your child's Spending Categories and Spend Controls is easy! 


1. Navigate to your Child's Dashboard.

2. Tap on the Spending tile.

3. Scroll down to the Spending Category or Specific Store control you'd like to adjust the settings for. Tap the control.

4. Tap the word Settings.

5. Tap the "Pull overages from Spend Anywhere" toggle.

  • When the toggle is "on", the toggle will be green. This means any amount spent over the amount available within that Spend Category will be withdrawn from Spend Anywhere. 
  • When the toggle is "off" the toggle will be grey. This means if your child tries to spend more than the amount available within that Spend Category, your child's card will be declined, as no additional funds will be pulled from "Spend Anywhere.

6. If you would like, you can also adjust what happens to the money after the first purchase is made within that Spend Category or Specific Store.

  • The automatic setting for all Spend Categories is for remaining change to stay within that spend control.
  • You can also select the radio button to "Return change to Parent's Wallet", or
  • Select the radio button to "Move change to General Savings"

7. Please note that any changes made to the settings within your Spending Categories or Spend Controls will be saved for all future purchases unless they are changed by you again. 


You can learn more about Spend Controls and Spending Categories here. 

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