Are there loading and spending minimums/limits for my account?

For your protection, we do have several loading and spending limits. Please review the article below for more information.

A "Primary Account" is referencing the balance within the Parent's Wallet. A “Sub-Account” refers to each child's account. "Family" or "Family Balance" is the total balance between the Primary Account and the Sub-Accounts.

Maximum Balances 

  • Maximum balance for a Primary Account: $15,000
  • Maximum balance for a Sub-Account: $7,500

Minimum & Maximum Account Loads

  • Maximum Total Load Amount/Transfer from Invest Account per Family per month¹: $7,5002

Debit and ACH Loads

An ACH load is a load using a checking account as a funding source. A debit load is a load using a debit card as a funding source.


Manual ACH



Minimum initial load amount 

$1 to $203

$1 to $203

$1 to $203

Minimum reload amount




Maximum daily load per Primary Account




Maximum load per Primary Account per month¹




Direct Deposit Loads

A Direct Deposit load is an electronic deposit of wages into an individual's account by their employer.

  • Minimum Direct Deposit load amount per Sub-Account: $1
  • Maximum Direct Deposit loads per Family per month¹: $5,000

Monthly Spending Limits

  • Point-of-sale daily spend limit per Family: $1,500
  • Point-of-sale spend limit per Family per month¹: $7,500
  • Point-of-sale daily spend limit per Sub-Account: $1,500
  • Point-of-sale spend limit per Sub-Account per month¹: $7,500

¹ “Month” means a rolling 30-day period.

2 For Primary Accounts in good standing, as determined by the company’s fraud and risk group, and which have been in existence for 60 days or more, the maximum daily load amount will increase from $500.00 to $1,000.00 and the maximum load amount per rolling 30-day period will increase from $2,500.00 to $5,000.00.  These load limits are subject to increase or decrease at any time at the discretion of the company for risk and fraud control reasons. Please contact our Support team if you have questions about your limits.

3 The minimum amount of an initial value load is variable (between $1 and $20) and will be
established and displayed for each new customer on the registration screens during the registration
process. The minimum initial value load can be waived at any time.

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