Are there loading and spending minimums/limits for my account?

For your protection, we do have several spending minimums and limits. Please review the article below for more information.

 A “Primary Account” limit is the sum of all usage across all sub-account. Basically, it’s the limit for all family members as a unit. A “Sub-account” refers to each child’s account on your “Primary Account.” 

Note: When referencing the monthly load and spend amounts, these limits are based on a 30 day rolling period and not monthly calendar period.

Maximum Balances 

  • Maximum balance for a primary account: $15,000
  • Maximum balance for a sub-account: $5,000

Minimum & Maximum Account Loads

  • Maximum monthly load amount per family: $7,500*

Debit and ACH Loads

An ACH load is a load using a checking account as a funding source. A debit load is a load using a debit card as a funding source.


Manual ACH



Minimum initial load amount 




Minimum reload amount




Maximum daily load per primary account




Maximum monthly load per primary account




*Your maximum load limit may vary based on your tenure and funding source status. Please contact our Support team if you have questions about your limits.

Direct Deposit Loads

A Direct Deposit load is a load that is a paycheck directly deposited into a teen’s account by their employer.

  • Minimum Direct Deposit load amount per sub-account: $1
  • Maximum monthly Direct Deposit load per family: $5,000

Monthly Spending Limits

  • Point-of-sale daily spend limit per family: $1,500
  • Point-of-sale monthly spend limit per family: $7,500
  • Point-of-sale daily spend limit per sub-account: $1,000
  • Point-of-sale monthly spend limit per sub-account: $5,000
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