What is a "settlement overage" or "force post"?

A settlement overage situation occurs when a settlement amount exceeds the approved amount. This happens when an amount – such as in a restaurant or any tipping service - is pre-approved and the tip exceeds the pre-adjusted / pre-approved amount. A settlement overage could also occur when a merchant overrides the approval step – this is called a force post.

Settlement overages will be handled in the following way:

1) If there is not enough money in the specific store's Spend Control, we will automatically check for a category Spend Control (e.g., Any Restaurant, etc.) and use the category balance to offset overage.
2) If there is not enough money in either the store's Spend Control or category, we will then check and use Spend Anywhere to offset overage.
3) If there is not enough money in any of these options for the child’s account, then Greenlight will execute an overdraft response to account for the remaining balance needed for settlement from:

  • The Parent's Wallet- Greenlight will attempt to pull full remaining balance from the Parent's Wallet. If the Parent's Wallet does not have enough to offset the full balance needed, then we will enact a split tender from both the Parent's Wallet and the parent’s funding account.
  • Parent funding account- If the overage amount exceeds the amount available in the Parent's Wallet, then Greenlight will need to take the remaining amount directly from the parent’s funding source.
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