How do I refer a friend to Greenlight?

Love Greenlight and want all your friends to know it? Every time you refer a new friend to Greenlight, we'll give you and your friend a cash reward after they pay their first month's fee (usually after about 30 days)!

How does the tiered referrals promotion work?

For every friend you successfully refer from 10/4/2021, you will receive the following cash rewards:

  • 1st friend referred = $30
  • 2nd friend referred = $50
  • 3rd friend referred = $70

That means if you successfully refer three friends, you can earn $150 total!

There is a limit of $600 in referral rewards per calendar year. Once you reach that limit you will no longer be able to receive further rewards in that calendar year. 

Here's how to refer a friend:

1) From your Parent Dashboard, click on the 'Get $30+' button at the top of the screen or scroll down to the photo of two teens and click to get to your referral page. You can also get to the referral page by clicking on 'Refer a friend' from your settings or by clicking on the notification in the parent dash that says 'Refer a friend, get $30+'. 

2) On the referral screen you’ll have the option to copy your unique referral link, send it in a text or email, or you can share to Facebook from the Greenlight app. Easy as that! Make sure your friend signs up with your link so we can successfully track them as your referral and give you both your reward

3) Once your friend pays their first month's fee (usually about 30 days after they register), you'll both receive your cash reward. 

What counts as a successful referral?

In order for your referrals to count, the referred individual will need to do the following:
1) Click your referral link to and complete their Greenlight registration.
2) Referred families will then need to pay their first month's fee after completing our 30 day free trial. This means that it takes at least 30 days after the referred user pays their first monthly fee which qualifies you for your referral.

Referred families will then receive our free 30-day trial. Since they won't pay their first month's fee until 30 days after they register, your referral bonus will not arrive for at least 30 days post sending your code.

These rewards will be added automatically into your Greenlight Parent's Wallet.


Where can I find the full Terms & Conditions for your referrals program?

You can read all about our referrals program in our Terms & Conditions here. 

Please note: Future limited promotions may include adjusted referral reward amounts. All promotions subject to change at any time.

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