My card declined at Six Flags or another amusement park. What should I do?

Did your child's card decline at Six Flags, Carowinds, or another amusement park? Here are a few work-arounds:

    • If your child is 13+ and has an iPhone with the most up-to-date Greenlight app, have them add their Greenlight Card to Apple Pay for one-tap provisioning at the point of sale by keying in the card number, cvv, and expiration date. 
      • See how to update your Greenlight app here
    • Ask the merchant to manually manually input your child's debit card number into the payment terminal, instead of using the chip reader.
    • Find a nearby ATM to withdraw cash ($100 daily withdrawal limit--more information here), and convert your withdrawn cash to a pre-paid cash card at a Six Flags park kiosk. 

You may also have settings in your app that prevent charges at Six Flags. A parent will need to assist in adjusting these settings:

  • You might have a Spend Control set. Learn about adjusting Spend Control settings here. 
  • Your account may have exceeded the maximum monthly Spend Limit. Learn about limits here. 
  • Did you recently freeze your child's card in-app? Toggle their card back-on within the Greenlight app. See how in this article. 


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