Kids, Teens, and Parents: How to set up crash detection on your device's Greenlight App

For crash detection to work for all of your Greenlight family members, all individuals must set up crash detection on their own device while logged in with their own Greenlight log-in.

How to set up crash detection on the parents' app and on teens' and kids' Greenlight apps:

  1. Log-in to the individual's Greenlight account on the individual's unique device.
    • Parents: Log-in with phone number.
    • Kids and Teens: Log-in with your Greenlight username. (Learn how to create a username here.
  2. Scroll down on your home dashboard to your "Safety" tile with a purple shield icon. 
    • This is your Safety hub - from here you can activate, navigate to, and manage the settings of each safety feature.
  3. Tap “Crash detection"

  4. Tap “Next” through your onboarding screens.

  5. From there, toggle “On” the toggle that appears next to the “Crash detection” description so that it turns green. 
  6. Crash detection will now be “on” for your phone’s Greenlight app. ** Please note that crash detection must be enabled separately on each Greenlight user’s app. 

Crash detection is a feature only available on Greenlight Infinity plans. To learn how to upgrade your account to Infinity, click here.

Please note: To assure collision detection will work when your app is not open, make sure your Greenlight App’s location settings are set to allow location “Always” (not “While in Use”).


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