I just added funds to Greenlight but I don't see them in my wallet yet. Where is my ACH transfer?

​​If you've recently transferred funds to your Greenlight account, you may be wondering when it will arrive! This article will share with you what to expect when you ACH transfer funds from your bank to your Greenlight account.

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1. What is an ACH transfer?

2. Where does my money go after leaving my bank before arriving in Greenlight?

3. Why did my ACH transfer not go through

4. ACH transfers vs. Wire transfers

5. How long do ACH transfers take?

What is an ACH transfer? 

ACH transfer is a bank-to-bank electronic transfer of funds that goes through the Automated Clearing House Network. ACH makes online transactions an efficient, secure and cost effective method for transferring funds. An ACH transfer enables users to set up a one-time payment or recurring series of payments with a similar timeline or different timeline. ACH transfers are initiated through an authorization document and received once the authorization document has been verified by a network of institutions. 


Where does my  money go after it leaves my bank account and before it arrives in my Greenlight app?

Oftentimes, people wonder where their money is when the amount leaves their bank, but does not yet show as ‘received’ by the recipient. After your ACH transfer, your money leaves your bank and then money remains in the transfer network until the time the transfer is approved on both ends of the transfer.


Why did my ACH transfer not go through? 

ACH transfers can not go through due to several reasons. ACH transfers can take up to 1-3 business days for the transfer to initiate and show up in your Greenlight Account. These reasons can include insufficient funds in your bank account, bank account status, and when the receivers do not authorize the transaction. There are different errors that can be associated with your ACH transfer. A full list of  all potential errors can be found here.

What is the difference between an ACH transfer and Wire transfer? 

ACH transfers and wire transfers are not the same thing. Greenlight values our customer’s money, therefore, we do not use wire transfers as they are costly for our customers. ACH transfers are a cost effective way to transfer money into your Greenlight account without having to spend any money on transaction fees. 


How long do ACH transfers take with Greenlight? When will I see my transferred funds arrive in my Greenlight account? 

ACH transfers typically take 3-4 business days. If your transfer is not approved within 5 business days, you should contact customer service with Greenlight or the financial institution associated with ACH transfer.


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