Why was my car crash not detected?

All of the following reasons may result in your car crash not being detected:

  1. "Crash detection" is toggled “Off” on your Greenlight app.
  2. Battery level on your device was under 20% at the time of the crash
  3. Mobile device did not have connectivity at the time of the crash
  4. Your app’s location sharing is set to “While in Use” instead of “Always” in your phone’s settings. 
  5. Your driving speed was below 10 mph at the time of the collision. 
  6. The distance you traveled since your vehicle was moving at at least 10mph was below 0.2 miles
  7. Smartphone does not have a fully operational accelerometer and GPS sensor
  8. Impact force was less than 4g
  9. Crash detection only works with iOS devices with iOS 11 and above (iOS 11 was released Sept 2017) and Android devices with Android 12 and above (Android 12 was released October 2021.) If your device is not up-to-date, please update to your operating system to access crash detection.
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