I got a crash detection alert when no one was in a crash. What happened?

Our Greenlight Infinity plan makes safety a top priority. Our Crash Detection feature has analyzed countless crashes utilizing phone sensor technology that can help us detect the likelihood of an accident based on a vehicle's speed, driving time, and the suddenness with which a vehicle comes to a halt. Essentially: our technology looks for patterns consistent with a car crash. 

Greenlight’s technology includes a unique filtering technology to remove non-driving high-speed activities (like skydiving, downhill skiing, roller coaster rides, etc.). It is possible, however, that in rare scenarios our tech could falsely detect unusual movements like these as a car crash.

Because the safety of our families is so important, Greenlight chooses to report any event that could potentially be a car crash, even if the trigger for the reporting turns out to be a dropped phone in the car or a glitch in the phones’ GPS. 

If you would like to stop a false alert in progress, when a crash is detected, you will always be prompted via a push notification and a message to let us know within thirty seconds if you were or were not in a crash and that you are okay. Our algorithm is always learning, and the best way to help it become even more exacting with car crash detection, is to let it know when it might be off track. 

Additionally, if you are concerned about triggering a false alert, you can temporarily disable  Crash detection. Simply “toggle off” your “Crash detection” toggle in your Greenlight apps’ “Safety” section. When you’re back to your normal activities, you can follow the same steps to toggle it back on!

Want to learn more about how Crash Detection works? Click here.

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