How do I sign up for Greenlight?

If you're a parent, guardian, or you will be the primary account holder who funds your kids' Greenlight cards, follow these quick steps to get started:

1. Download the Greenlight Card app from the Google Play or App Store. You can also visit here to type in your number and receive a text with a direct link to download the app.

2. Complete the registration process as a parent. This includes:

  • Setting up your unique log-in information (email address, password).
  • Choosing profile settings (mom/dad/name your kids call you) so we can use these names in your in-app messages.
  • Adding your children: you can add up to 5 kids to your account. Each child you add will get a card of their own with their name on it.
  • Verifying your identity: we don't run a credit check on you, but we are required by law to verify your information (address, DOB, SSN) to ensure the safety of your account, your funds, and your kids' cards.
  • Setting up your Parent's Wallet: this is a virtual wallet for you to store the money you've loaded from your funding source. The funds you keep in your Parent's Wallet will be available for you to add to your kids' cards in any increment (up to $1,000) that you choose, at any time you choose.
  • Funding the Parent's Wallet: there is an initial $10 minimum to load your Parent's Wallet, which helps us offset fees and verifies your funding source. Using Instant Bank Verification, you can use your online banking credentials to securely and instantly connect your checking or savings account, and load a minimum of $1 instantly after registration. Or, you can connect your debit card instantly, which has a minimum load amount of $20 (after your initial load). Either option (bank account or debit card) will work for you to complete the registration process. 
  • Enabling push notifications: push notifications will be sent to you when your kids make purchases, request money, etc.

All Greenlight customers use their phone number and password to log into the Greenlight. However, Greenlight also offers a 2nd verification option using biometrics. Opting into this additional security setting will prompt TouchID or FaceID each time you try to open the app. To enable this feature, head to your Settings tab in the Greenlight app, and tap.

After you complete your parent registration, your kids' cards will automatically be created and sent out to you. Cards typically take 7-10 business days to arrive. 

Questions? Send our team a message at, we'd be happy to help!



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