How can I turn my child's card on and off?

Turning your child’s card on and off is one way of managing their spending (although we recommend Spend Controls). However, it’s mostly used as a security feature if your child's card is ever lost or stolen. If your child's card is turned off, you will still continue to pay your monthly fee to access Greenlight's other features. 

To turn your child's card off:

  1. Navigate to your child’s dashboard.
  2. Tap on the ON or OFF arrow next to “Manage Card” to open their card management page.
  3. Use the toggle to turn their card on or off, and you’ll see a prompt asking you to confirm your choice. 
  4. When you confirm that you want to turn the card off, you’ll receive a prompt to order a replacement card. If you’re turning the card off for another reason, you can easily dismiss the prompt.

Please note: kids can turn their cards off and turn them back on without parent approval within the Greenlight app. However, kids CANNOT turn their cards back on if the parent first turned the card off.

If you’re looking to activate a new or reissued card, see more here.


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