Why is it taking so long for my transfer to go through to my Parent's Wallet?

Transfers from your debit card to your Greenlight account will show up and be available immediately. 

Depending on your history with Greenlight you may be eligible for instant funding. If you are not in instant funding status, ACH transfers from your bank account will generally be available in 1-3 business days.  

ACH transfers have several parties involved which can delay the transfer. If you don’t see your transfer appear within 1-3 business days (the standard time for a bank to process a transfer request) this means Greenlight has not received the funds from your bank and cannot show the transfer as completed. If this occurs, please contact your banking service provider directly and have them take a look at the status of your account.

Is your Parent’s Wallet in a negative balance?
If your Parent’s Wallet is in a negative balance, you will not be able to make instant transfers to your Greenlight account. Not to worry — once you add funds to your Parent’s Wallet to get out of a negative balance, you will be able to resume making instant transfers.

If you need more information on what a negative balance is and how you can fix it please click here


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