How do I add (or remove) a child to ( or from) my Greenlight account?

Only parents have the ability to add children to their Greenlight account.

To add a child to your account:

1) Navigate to your Settings by tapping the gear icon in the top right of your Parent Dashboard
Tap “Family” then select Add a child
3) Enter the necessary information, and once you’ve successfully added a new child, we will begin the process of creating their card, and we’ll send it to you within 7-10 business days.

Note: This card will not be a Custom Card. These must be ordered separately.



If you want to remove a child from your account:

Please make sure to liquidate all investments (if applicable) and transfer all funds from the profile of the child you'd like to remove to your Parent's Wallet.

Please click this LINK to learn how to sell your investments from the profile of your child.

Please click this LINK to learn how to transfer all funds from the profile of your child to your Parent Wallet.

Then fill out this short form, and Greenlight support will remove the child's profile from your account.

If you want to cancel a child's card completely, thus removing them from your account:

Please call us at 888-483-2645.

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