How does Greenlight collect the monthly fee?

The balance on your Parent’s Wallet can be negative if Greenlight is not able to collect the monthly fee.  Every month, Greenlight attempts to collect your monthly fee in the following order:

  1. First, we will attempt to pull the fee from your Parent’s Wallet.
  2. If there are no funds available there, we will pull the fee from your connected funding source.
  3. If there are no funds available in the Parent’s Wallet or your funding source, we will deduct the monthly fee from one of your child's balances starting with the following: 
    1. The “Spend Anywhere” spend control
    2. Other category-spend controls
    3. Store-level spend controls
    4. Giving
    5. General Savings

If none of these steps allow Greenlight to collect the monthly account fee, then the Parent’s Wallet will show as a negative balance until the fee is paid. The unpaid fees will be deducted the next time you add money to your account. 

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