How do I create a chores list for my child?

To set up a new chore for your child:

  1. Navigate to the child's dashboard.
  2. Scroll down and click on the section titled "Assign chores."
  3. Once on the Chores page, click "Chore options."
  4. From here, select whether you would like to set up a one-time chore or a weekly recurring chore.
    a) If it’s a one-time chore, select the due date, reward amount, and where the reward will be deposited.
    b) If it’s a weekly chore, select the days of the week you would like the chore to be completed. With weekly chores, you can also choose to connect your child's allowance payout to their chore progress
  5. You can also add a description to each chore for added clarity. When you are finished, tap "Save Changes."

When your child completes a chore, you will get a notification. If you added money to their chore, you can then decide if you would like to “Pay Now” or “Pay Later.”

If your child has their own login, they will receive reminders for any uncompleted chores the morning they are due.

Can I create my own chores for my child or do I have to use one of the preset chores?
All one-time chores are completely custom to what you would like your child to do. With weekly chores, you also have the option to type in your own custom chores when creating your child's chore list.

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