How do I set up an allowance for my child?

Parents can set allowances to pay out weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. No need to look for cash (or make change) on payday! You can also allocate allowances to transfer to Spend Anywhere, General Savings, or Giving — automatically. Here’s how to get set up:

  1. Navigate to your child's dashboard and tap on the Allowance tile.
  2. From here, you can enter:
    a) The amount of the allowance.
    b) The frequency the allowance is delivered - weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
    c) Where the allowance will be deposited - split between Spend Anywhere, General Savings, and Giving. 
  3. Tap "Complete."

Want to pay an allowance based on your child’s chores? Learn how to connect allowance and chores here.
Allowances are transferred from the Greenlight Parent's Wallet to the allocated accounts for that child. After you set an allowance, you’ll have the option to turn on Autofunding by connecting one of your funding sources to guarantee allowances are paid out on time. If you do not have a funding source connected and your Parent's Wallet is empty, the allowance will not be paid out and will be paused.

Note: Allowance will be paid to your child by approximately 6 a.m. EST on the day set for your child’s allowance.

What if I need to turn off recurring allowances I have set up?
To pause an allowance for one of your children, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your child's dashboard.
  2. Tap on the Allowance tile. 
  3. Use the toggle to turn allowance off.
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