How do I order a replacement card?

We understand accidents happen and have it made easy for you to order a replacement card right from your app. If your child’s card has been damaged, lost or stolen:

  1. Navigate to your child’s dashboard.
  2. Tap on “Manage Card” to open their card management page.
  3. Select “Replace card” from the list of options.
  4. Select the reason for needing a replacement card and follow the prompts to complete your replacement.
  • If the reason selected is Lost or Stolen, your current card will be automatically turned off and unusable once you complete your order for a replacement card. We do this to prevent someone else from using your lost or stolen card.
  • If the reason selected is Damaged, your current card will stay active unless you toggle it off manually. 

Please note: When a card is replaced, the replacement card will have a completely new 16 digit number, CVV, and the expiration date than the previous card. The 16 digit number, CVV, and expiration date are updated to prevent any unauthorized transactions on the lost or stolen card.



Reminder: Your child’s first replacement card is on us, but any additional replacement cards will cost $3.50 per card.

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