Infinity & Family Safety 101: Getting Started

Greenlight Infinity has everything kids need to manage their money, keep in touch and call for help.

How can I get access to Infinity safety features? 

  • If you’ve already signed up for Greenlight Infinity, keep reading to see how to activate each feature! 
  • If you’re on Greenlight Select, Greenlight Core, Greenlight + Invest, or Greenlight Max plans, upgrade to Greenlight Infinity to get access!

What comes with my plan?

You have  access to safety features like family location sharing, SOS alerts, crash detection, driving reports, and real-time trip alerts. You also have access to Investing for Parents and Kids, phone, identity, and purchase protections. Plus, the ability to send money, set up savings goals, manage chores and jobs, and receive money from loved ones with our parents’ and kids’ app.

  • In order to get started with Infinity’s safety features, parents and kids must each activate each feature from their own Greenlight app on their own device. Click on each of the articles below to get started with set up: 
    • Location sharing - Switch on location sharing to stay connected to your family
    • SOS Alert - Send alert to 911, emergency contacts, or both with one swipe
    • Driving safety features- Driving reports give you insight into the safety of your kids’ rides and drives.
    • Real-time trip alerts - Real-time trip alerts let you know when they’ve left in a vehicle and arrived.
    • Crash detection - Your app will automatically dispatch 911 when a crash is detected
    • 5% on Savings - Reward smart savers with our highest savings reward. Just add funds to your "Savings" balance to start earning.
  • To learn how to set up additional protections (also available on Greenlight Max), click on the articles below:
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